Haters Be Hatin

Before I get onto the business of what this tumblr is all about (CATS), I would like to get something taken care of first.

To those individuals who tried to bring me down by implying that I am some kind of racist, only the stupid will follow you. Those who can read between the lines will see right through your fakery. Goodbye. I will not miss you. It’s my content you’re stealing anyway. Yeah, I know what kind of people you are. The kind that use people, and think they are better than everyone else, while they smile and pretend to defend them in a public forum. You elitist snobs. 

I am:  white, Irish on my dad’s side, my mother is an injun (“Native American”), raised on jokes about white people, living in a family full of all kinds of different beliefs (and quite a few atheists too), with mostly straight people, but also some gay, and some use to be gay, married to a beautiful Filipina, two sisters married to black guys, one madly in love with another, and another one married to a Puerto Rican (all with kids), so you can kiss my sweet cat like butt cheeks over and over and over. 

To anyone else reading this I feel that it’s time I cleaned out my followers list. After all, I am not here to be politically correct. This is a tumblr blog about Cats. Especially lol cats. Not a political forum. I am not here to bow down to anyone. I will make fun of the following groups of people.

white, black, asian, spanish, straight, gay, atheist, religious, republicans, democrats, native american, and anyone else I feel like making fun of.

Not because I hate people, but because sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves. If you see hate in my posts then you might need to do a bit of “soul searching” (look within yourself), and come to terms with the hate that is in you.

So haters…. there’s the door. See your way out. There’s plenty of other cat blogs out there who would love to have you follow them. Most of them follow this tumblr and get their content from here, so good luck. Maybe you should go to Twitter. They like fake people like you who whine all the time.